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What is an Online Marketplace? | 5 Top eCommerce Marketplaces in Dubai for selling your products

An Online marketplace is an eCommerce website which brings sellers and buyers together in one place where all transactions are managed by the website owner. Now a days everyone needs everything at their fingertip and people prefer to purchase products and services online. So, companies use online marketplace to reach their customers. Using online marketplace, companies can take their business to international level and can make additional revenue. Online marketplace helps companies to generate trust between brand and customers. Also, companies can function 24/7

5 Top eCommerce Marketplaces in Dubai for selling your products 

Below are listed the top 5 eCommerce Marketplaces for selling your products in Dubai & UAE. Let’s get started... 

Amazon is one of the most well-known and largest eCommerce marketplaces in the middle east. Amazon provides easiest way for businesses to sell their products and services online. Amazon offers two types of accounts − Individual Account and Professional Account. Let’s see how to start selling on Amazon. 

1. Choose a selling plan 

    If you are planning to sell in a smaller scale then you can go for Individual Account. And if you are planning to sell more than 40 products per month then you can select Professional Account. 

2. Create an Amazon seller account 

    You can create a new Amazon seller account with your business email address or you can use your customer account to start selling. 

3. Add your products and product details 

    Items you can sell on Amazon depends on the product, category and brand. Some categories require approval and some categories require professional seller account. But some categories are open to all sellers.  


Before starting make sure, you have following details with you; 

  • Business email address or Amazon customer account 

  • Chargeable credit card 

  • Government ID (identity verification protects sellers and customers) 

  • Tax information 

  • Phone number 

  • A bank account where Amazon can send you proceeds from your sales 


Middle east’s second most famous online market place is Noon. With a valid trade license, you can sell your products in Noon by creating a seller account. Let’s check out how to become a seller at Noon. 

1. Create a Noon account. 

    You can Register on the Noon seller lab. Once it is done upload required documents such as ID and Trade license and add your payment method to get paid. Noon will verify and approve your documents.  

2. Pick a selling model 

    Noon has three selling models depending on particular business needs: FBN or Noon express, Cross-dock, Direct ship. 

3. List your products 

    You can sell the products which are already there in the Noon catalogue or you can create your own listing and add that to Noon catalogue. Most of the product needs product ID, image, description and specifications.


Before starting documents required for Noon; 

  • Trading license or commercial registration 

  • VAT certificate 

  • Passport or residence ID (both sides) 

  • Residence visa for non-nationals 

  • A proof of purchase/invoice, a distribution authorization letter, or a manufacturer permit/certificate is required to sell health and beauty products 

  • Sellers whose companies aren’t VAT registered should fill-in a VAT non-enrolment form 

Once you have done with registration next.



3. DubaiStore 


In UAE, Dubaistore is the first local online marketplace which focuses on small and medium businesses. It helps traders to sell their products online. UAE licensed business can communicate directly with the consumers, create microsites, sell products and receive payments by creating store in Dubai Store. Let’s go through the steps for selling products in Dubai Store. 

1. Create a Merchant Profile 

2. Create your store 

    Once Merchant account created you can login to dashboard and create your store by clicking on Sell on Dubai Store tab on the top of Dashboard. Then click on Create New Store. Update all business information, Bank account details and pickup location.  

3. List your products 

    You can set your product title, Barcode, SKU number, Sale price and image for your product and share the catalog to Dubai Store Their content team will prepare your list in their bulk upload template and group together any identifiable variation of same products within the list. 


Dubai Store onboarding process requires following: 

  • Dubai issued company trade license 

  • Tax certificate 

  • Your inventory products price list sheet. 


4. Carrefour 

Like Amazon and Noon, Carrefour UAE portals also has been upgraded now to online marketplace. You can easily start selling your products in Carrefour marketplace and grow your business. Below are the steps to start selling in Carrefour. 

1. Register your shop. 

    You can register. Enter your details and click on Create a new account, your seller account will be created. 

2. Add your products and start selling 

    You can share the extract of your catalog with carrefour team and they will help you create your listings. 

3. Receive your money monthly 

    If you send the Bank details on an official document to carrefour team, they will set up the payment cycle correctly. 



Sharaf Dg is also an ultimate destination to grow your business. You can list & sell your products in Sharaf Dg, and you can get complete control over your inventory. You can start selling by following the below steps. 

1. Sign the Business Agreement with Sharaf Dg and create seller account 

2. List all your products with Sharaf Dg content team 

3. Select your preferred store from the list 


4. Once all verification done, you can start selling 


Before starting you need to have the following; 

      Valid trade license 

  • Product information from brand website and product data sheet 

  • Required documents to show ownership of inventory and approval from brand to sell in UAE  



From our own research the top 5 eCommerce marketplaces in Dubai are Amazon, Noon, Dubaistore, Carrefour and Sharaf Dg. Being a registered business in UAE with valid trade license, can start selling on these platforms to increase your sale and grow your business. 

If you find difficulty in this, we are here to help you with this. As an experienced team in eCommerce website development, we can also help you to start your selling process in these online marketplaces as well. We have experience with many clients in UAE, working on this process. 

Let us know your thoughts... Call on Bellbird Technologies.

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