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Affordable Payment Gateways Providers in UAE

Here are the 11 Convenient and Cost Efficient Payment Gateways for your ECommerce Website

While the pandemic struck the global economy, the majority of the business concerns were in vain. Everyone who nourished their business is keen to be tensed due to the drastic change that occurred globally. This is the place where our buddy E-commerce had risen up. Though the field has been familiar for years, the odd state made it rise higher above the limit predicted. By last year, we witnessed every mode of business being molded into e-commerce.

With this sudden inversion of the mode of approach, everyone preferred more security in payment processing. No matter how big or small your business is, the perfect payment gateway for your website is mostly preferred. People used to prefer a more secure and easiest way of payment processing to handle the transactions online.

Entry to a Payment Gateway?
Every transaction requires an intermediary platform for a successful transaction between two parties. Similarly, payment processing on the web to requires a platform. This is simply what we call a payment gateway. Since the field elapsed over time, the payment processors were exclusively spread out by banks as well as financial institutions. Whatever the mode of transaction is, a payment gateway makes it easier in terms of processing.

How is a payment gateway application process?
There occur miscellaneous steps apart from the view of users in terms of completion of a payment processing through payment gateways.
1. Once the user is redirected towards the payment section, the relevant documents are captured from the user side.
2. Usually these transactions are authenticated by the user with an authentication method, say an OTP.
3. The transaction is moved through if the concurrent account has sufficient balance and the credentials are right and ahead.
4. Final step involves the confirmation of a successful transaction and the mentioned process, whichever it is, like ordering an item or any other e-commerce transaction, is completed.

While you go through it, you may be thinking that this process seems to be complex. No worries, these are the simplest and the most convenient way for a healthy transaction. Since this method is found to be globally relevant, multiple payment gateways for websites are out there which is widely used.

Choosing the best payment gateway providers in UAE is a bit tiring and a healthy task while we ensure the best available payment processing technologies are being introduced to you here. In short, your search for Best Payment Gateway for the website in UAE concludes here. Let’s go through it.

Here are the 11 Convenient and Cost-Efficient Payment Gateways for your E-Commerce Website

1. Telr
Telr, formerly known as Innovative Payments, is meant to be a famous payment gateway in UAE. It was majorly situated apart from Dubai and Singapore. Their primary focus is on providing services for developing countries. As of now, it has renowned among customers in 120 countries. Since it is a free setup, you can avail of the service at any time at ease through the Telr website.

The payment gateway is supported by Woocommerce, OpenCart, Prestashop, Shopify, and Magento. The payment options included in Telr are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Net Banking (Indian banks), and SADAD (Saudi Arabian banks).

Options for Integration
1. Telr will host a fully responsive payment gateway (optimized for all devices) for you. The customer will be redirected to the website after completing the payment respectively.
2. You will need to integrate the payment form into the website with iFrame, and apply CSS to it.
3. It is better to fully integrate the payment form into the website for complete flexibility over its appearance (requires PCI DSS Certification)

2. CashU
CashU is a typically used, well-established online payment solution in the Middle East. Initially, the service was started for mere customers in UAE which has now elapsed over European countries as well. This payment gateway is well known for its security and modern fraud prevention AML Systems. A major highlight of this payment processor is the capability of completing transactions without a chargeback.

Compared to other payment gateways, CashU charges a setup fee and a security deposit. However, the annual charge will be solely dependent on the volume of sales.

Modes of Integration
1. Standard integration – Direct transaction of Payment information to CashU server
2. Premier integration – Transaction via CashU web service. After authentication, a code is sent, which is used to process the transaction.
3. API Integration – Transaction using HTTP/REST library or use one of Checkout’s SDKs.

3. Checkout
Checkout is a globally recognized payment gateway system popular for its seamless transactions. The major highlight of this system is its capability of adaptability to specific markets as well as the diversity in customizable solutions.

Better user experience, easy setup, and verified payment integration methods make Checkout one of the most popular payment gateway solutions in UAE. The transaction fee ranges from 0.75 to 2.75 % of the total volume.

Options for Integration
1. iFrame method – Embed an iFrame payment form on the website, and the transfer is processed by the payment gateway by exchanging tokens.
2. Checkout.js – Payment processing widget placed on the checkout tab.
3. API Integration – directly using HTTP/REST library or using one of Checkout’s SDKs.

4. Stripe
Stripe is a well-known payment gateway solution in the UAE which allows ventures to accept payments and send payouts globally. However, this payment gateway charges payments for online retailers, subscription businesses, marketplaces, software platforms, and in-person retailers.

The platform supports features to beat fraud, generate invoices, provision physical or virtual cards, manage finances, and much more. Payment options include Cards, Subsidiary support, Wallets, Bank redirects, Bank debits and transfers, Cash-based vouchers, Currencies, Buy now pay later

Options for integration
1. Hosted payments page
2. Design your own payment form with Stripe elements

5. 2Checkout
2Checkout is acclaimed to be a universal payment gateway solution as it supports payment services across the world. Their services cover 196 countries through eight payment channels, 15 languages, and 87 currencies. The platform has a tie-up with FreshBooks accounting software for the latest online payment solutions for micro businesses. The highlighted part is that it neither charges setup nor convenience fees.

Their supported payment options include Visa, MasterCard, Bank Transfer, PayPal, American Express, Apple Pay, etc.

Options for Integration
1. API integration with PCI DSS compliance
2. iFrame method'

6. CCAvenue
CCAvenue is an Indian payment gateway. Due to its flexible pricing plans that suit all sorts of businesses, it is a widely used payment processing platform in the UAE. This payment platform arrives at a free setup fee and the monthly maintenance fee traverses around AED 200.

Due to its slightly higher price, most businesses used to prefer the free service where we can avail free services like 24×7 on-call support and fraud prevention. For each transaction, the cost ranges up to 3%. All major e-commerce platforms are supported in 
this system.

Options for integration
1. CCAvenue billing page – Using our own customized billing page so as to avoid the obligations of developing and managing a checkout page.
2. iFrame Checkout – Integrate a preconfigured form that validates the payment.
3. Direct payment – Deliver payment service directly through your website without redirecting users to CCAvenue

7. Cybersource
Cybersource is an international subsidiary of the world-famous firm VISA. They’re available for supporting digital payments including Android Pay, Apple Pay, and regional wallets like Alipay. As of now, it is widespread across 190 countries.

Initiated in 1994, this payment gateway gained user satisfaction and trust with its advanced capabilities. Since it is a part of a globally acclaimed system, VISA, you can be assured of payment security standards. Major Features include Cross-Channel Payments, Fraud Alert, Delivery Address Verification, 
and Account Takeover Protection.

Options for Integration
1. API integration with Apple Pay, Chase Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Visa Click to Pay

8. Amazon Payment Services
Amazon Payment Services which was a modernized version of Payfort, is a popular payment gateway solution in the UAE. In Q4 2020, Amazon acquired Payfort. Most business prefers this payment provider since it is very reliable and avoids potential transaction risks. Since it is well equipped for the patterns of Arab shopping habits and trends, this payment processing is mostly adapted.

9. PayTabs
PayTabs was introduced in 2014. In terms of reliability and modern features of payment processing, PayTabs is now widely preferred. It is globally suggested for its fraud prevention technology and innovative features. A key part of this system is that it is quite simple to integrate into your e-commerce site.

The setup time of PayTabs is comparatively less, as we can go live within 24 hours. The creation of invoices using its technology makes this payment gateway stands out among the others.

Supported Platforms include Magento, Woocommerce, CS-Cart, Shopify, OpenCart, Prestashop
Available Payment Options include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Mada, STCPay

Options for Integration
1. Hosted payment – Pick a specific payment form for your website.
2. E-commerce plugins – Shopify, WooCommerce, CSCart, Magento, Expand Cart, OpenCart, Xero, Zoho, Zid, Salla.
3. Direct API – PayTabs Hosted Payment Page, Managed Form, Merchant Own form.

10. Paycaps
Paycaps is a new-era payment gateway solution for websites and apps in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the rest of the UAE, which is widely chosen for its API-driven automation features.

Paycaps is a most demandable platform as it supports customization of user interface and it is easy to manage. It also offers highly customizable white-label payment gateway solutions, where businesses are allowed to get molded into the design, payment methods, and themes that suit their identity.
Features include Multi-currency support, Chargeback management, Smart route to handle rebates.

Options for integration
API – Merchants can integrate the Rest APIs for transactions from their portals

11. Hyperpay
Hyperpay is a Saudi Arabia-based payment gateway that has over hundreds of banking partners and globally acclaimed credit card companies in UAE. They are meant to be the quick shifters in payment-growing solutions in the MENA region. Due to its versatility, its integration with e-commerce platforms like WordPress and Magento is smooth.

The provision of a highly secure fraud management system and a customizable checkout experience are the key highlights of Hyperpay. Since it is widely accepted, it is ranged across millions of transactions a year for thousands of merchants in various industries.

Key features are High acceptance rates, Customizable checkout, and Powerful dashboard Available Payment Options include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, MadaSTCPay, Apple pay, Paypal.

Options for integration
COPYandPay (widget), HyperSplits (payout system), HyperBill (invoicing system)


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