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Tips to improve Your Website Google Ranking in 2022

Confused about what are the tips to improve your website's Google ranking in 2022? While preparing your website for SEO processes, many people have questions regarding what all factors Google considers while ranking a website.

I know that it is a very complex thing for most common people. I will make it clear.  

Are you aware of SEO?

Search engine optimization is the process of improving our website which makes the website visible to people who search for services/products related to your business.

Look at it this way, when someone looking for the best hairstylist on google, as a hairstylist you would want people to find your website. It is not an easy task to be at the top of a google search. The websites with good SEO will be visible on google, for that your website should maintain and update properly.

Keep in mind that SEO is a continuous process, which makes organic traffic to your website!


To rank your website, Google bots will check your website for a regular period of time. This google bot inspection is based on some of the factors on our website. Google recommends well-updated and user-friendly websites to rank at the top. Let's have a look at some major factors that google values in your website

Mobile Friendliness & Load Speed

Now users engage with websites & brands through mobile devices. To attract new visitors & retain visitors, your website should be mobile-friendly. As a primary part of the mobile-friendly website, it should be responsive.


Wondering about the term Responsive?

Web pages that look good and fit on all devices are referred to as responsive websites.

Make your website speed on your priority list. If your website loads as a snail, the audience won't wait around.


Studies show that if a website takes over 5 seconds to load fully, about 70% of visitors are clicking away, they don't want to wait. To faster, your loading speed make images & CSS as light as possible. For best mobile-friendliness avoid flash & popups on the website. Don’t forget to consider font readability, CTA, and alignment.


Domain Authority & Backlinks

Domain authority is a ranking factor for all search engines which is developed by Moz. When it comes to Google, PageRank is the key score on ranking. It is based on the quality of the links, that is; if you want to increase your website score then you should improve your backlinks. Backlinks are the links that refer your website to other high domain websites & vice versa.


Domain authority is a scale between 0 - 100. A higher score means the website will be at the top of the search. DA is a machine-learning calculation, which our website score will be varies according to the updates & improvements.


In detail, Facebook has the best High domain value because it has getting billions of website backlinks daily. If the Facebook domain score is increased daily basis, the other website domain score also changes due to the machine learning algorithm.


Don’t forget to note, that QUALITY BACKLINKS creation is the most time-consuming & lifelong process. Ensure the link on your website is not broken & focus your links on targeted keywords.


Keyword Optimization & Content

As digital marketers Keywords are the term very familiar to us. But are you aware of what they are means?  Google is very much smart, which can read all the contents on our website & memorize each word on each page.


Keywords are the basic factor in search engine ranking. It is the ideas & topics that define your website contents is about. It is the search term users use to find your page.


Now we want to be aware of how the keywords are used. While planning for your website contents keep in mind that "use the keyword in moderation". This means if your page doesn't have enough keywords, it's very hard to get indexed on google. If you use too much, the website will become spam.


User Experience

Google algorithm takes more importance to user experiences. In last algorithm updates in Google resembles that they are giving more attention to user experience.

Google focuses on the user side satisfaction. When a user enters our website, they should get what they are searching in our website. For example, My website is ranked for the keyword 'best biriyani shop in UAE' but my restaurant is not serving biriyani. The users will find that only when they check our website, so there is an 80% chance to leave our website within 1 or 2 seconds of time Google will check the time spent on our website for each user, if the average time is below the cutoff it will affect our website ranking very badly.


Like this many other factors are considered for user experience such as the ease of use, accessibility of the website, content, secured connection & so on.

Don’t get much stressed on USER Experience, I will make it simple "Make the UI/UX which others love, Skip unwanted links and errors"

There are 200+ minor factors that google values for search engine ranking, but the major part of ranking depends on these 4 factors. If you give importance to these 4 key factors in website development & SEO processes, our half part of duty is completed on ranking.

Try to create contents & designs which everyone loves. Make strategies that prove Google users are your priority, not website ranking. Don’t forget to keep in mind that “users don’t like to waste time, so Google too”.

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